Best of 2015

Welcome to 2016! New Year’s Day is a time for reflecting on the year behind us. Here is a short “notables” list of 2015’s online food and health-related inspiration & information.  (in no particular order)

The College Nutritionist  Rachel consistently cranks out the most creative recipes and healthy hacks on campus at

KUJU     I was lucky enough to write for this NYC startup in fall 2015. KUJU’s blog provides simple and scientifically solid health information. Be sure to check out kitchen tips, recipes, and unique service offerings. 

The Greatist  Health=happiness & I read this blog every single day at

One Green Planet Vegan paradise found at

FigsInMyBelly Kudos to my sista in food, Steph Lang. Her blog keeps getting better at

Carla Birnbirg  This incredible lady has got me hooked. This is more than just another health blog — Carla’s writing is heartwarming and inspiring at

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