Planting Day in Red Hook

Spring in NYC is my favorite for so many reasons, but I think I love it most because I get to start planting again! This week my dear friends John and Linda Ameroso invited me to join them for a wonderful day of planting lettuce and cabbage at Added Value in Brooklyn.


If you have been to the IKEA in Red Hook you have probably seen this place. Founded in 2001, the Red Hook Added Value is an urban-youth led farming and compost operation built right on top of what used to be a concrete baseball field.  All are welcome to help out on Saturday volunteer days, and there is a seasonal farmers market on site, too. Check out the Added Value website to learn more and get involved.

Linda and I did such a great job planting lettuce rows in straight lines, didn’t we?!

Lulu certainly loved it too. She ran around everywhere & “helped” by carrying sticks in her mouth from one end of the garden to another, by digging (and burying her nose and rolling in dirt), and by “watering.” (Linda tried tying her leash to the watering can and Lu pulled, knocked it over, and spilled all the water out.)

Lulu & John

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