I love the Ithaca Farmers Market

Whenever I go back to Ithaca during summertime I try to visit the Ithaca Farmers Market!

Mom at the market!



This year I spent some extra time chatting with vendors and photographing!



Every vendor at this market takes the time to create a beautiful display.


The visual appeal is uniquely distinct from any other farmers market – that’s what makes the Ithaca Market simply unforgettable.

Carrots in love
Local Honey


The people here are so friendly, too! You can ask farmers and vendors anything and they are happy to share all sorts of stories  & information. I learned how to choose the best garlic and got some great garlic planting tips I’ll be using in my garden this fall!

I love trying new foods and flavors, and this is the place to do it.

Did you ever hear of purselane? It’s a weed that grows everywhere! I picked up a bunch and I must say it’s more than just edible, it’s delicious! Great as salad topper or garnish for any dish, tangy and crunchy purselane leaves are packed with vitamins A, C, and E. Most notable in my book :  Purselane’s is a huge plant source for your Omega-3.


This weed is a superfood!

What else did I try?

I have never seen white cucumbers, have you? Check it out – I got this silver scape cucumber as a freebie to sample!


A couple of family’s picks: turkey meatballs with rice & a classic gyro



We had a great time as usual at the Ithaca Market…

see you next summer at Steamboat Landing.

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